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Maple Syrup


Currency Coffee

We match our beans to the correct roast profile to extract maximum flavor and to give you the best cup of coffee – What’s your coffee worth? About Us: Founded in the home of American currency – Dalton, Massachusetts. A small town in the Berkshires, Dalton has been the home to many paper companies. The one remaining has been supplying the world with U.S. currency for over 200 years. It stands alone as the prime example of American ingenuity. We honor this tradition of keeping small town America the driving engine of economic growth. Join us to help keep our town a vibrant part of America. Tap into a truly unique coffee experience. The definition of currency… value for value.

BOLA Granola

BOLA granola wasn’t born yesterday. Our roots go back decades, from a pottery camp in California across the country to my kitchen in the Berkshire Hills and to our BOLA granola bakery here at the foot of Monument Mountain. BOLA granola is fresh, healthy and handmade. All our granolas rely on oats, almonds and pumpkin seeds for hearty, high protein nutrition and fresh, nutty flavor. Our roots go back decades, but we still make BOLA granola in small batches, carefully mixing, baking and packaging each bag.

Berkshire Bark

It took the talent, dedication, and undying love for chocolate from three people to bring Berkshire Bark into the world: Kevin Schmitz, David Renner, and Jerome Bertuglia. It’s only natural that Berkshire Bark is made by chefs—generous, quality-obsessed guys who love to feed people. Kevin and David met 16 years ago when they were chef and sous chef, respectively, at the White Hart Inn in Salisbury, Connecticut. David graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked in France, England, and New York City, including stages at Les Crayeres, Royal Gray, Quilted Giraffe and Le Cirque. Before Kevin came to the White Hart, he cooked at notable dining establishments such as Chillingsworth, Reise Organization, Bermuda Triangle, Parker’s Lighthouse, and also served as Executive Sous Chef for Shearson Lehman Hutton. Both chefs had dreams of starting their own businesses and they teamed up to realize a common dream of serving the high-caliber fine dining food they were used to cooking, but in a format that people could eat at home. Deciding to leave the frenetic pace of New York City behind, they moved to the peace of Great Barrington, MA and started a catering company and prepared-foods market called The Marketplace of the Berkshires.

Berkshire Mountain Bakery

Walk through the door of Berkshire Mountain Bakery located in Housatonic, Massachusetts in the heart of the Berkshires and you will find yourself in the midst of a baking flurry with baker/owner, Richard Bourdon, orchestrating the production. In this European style bakery, traditional techniques rule the baking process and so most bread is naturally leavened with sourdough fermentation and hand shaped. The result is very digestible and delicious bread.

High Lawn Farm

Today, nearly 100 years later, our farm is still owned and loved by the Wilde family. We joyfully carry on Marjorie and the Colonel’s vision and dedication to the integrity and quality of our herd. OUR JERSEY GIRLS GRAZE ON FRESH GRASS IN THE SUMMER MONTHS, HAVE WATERBEDS TO SLEEP ON IN HEATED BARNS FOR THE WINTER, ARE NEVER GIVEN RBST, AND ALMOST ALL OF THEIR WINTER FEED COMES STRAIGHT FROM OUR OWN CORN AND HAYFIELDS – WHICH GUARANTEES THE BEST QUALITY. So here’s the way we see it: Our Jersey’s have always been cared for in the same, extra-special way. And in return, their gift to us is the most delicious, nutrient-dense, 100% natural milk. Our team of artisans find such great joy in exploring new ways to express the freshness of our pure Jersey milk. We like to think that that love is the foundational ingredient in every High Lawn dairy product. With just a single sip of our rich milk or cream, a chewy bite of one of our artisanal farmstead cheeses, or a slathering of our slow-churned butter on your favorite toasty slice, we guarantee that you’ll be able to taste the Jersey difference. Always handcrafted with love, as it’s always been, right here at our Berkshires farmstead.

Klara’s Cookies

Klara Sotonova emigrated to the U.S. from the Czech Republic, on her own, at the age of 19. She came with a dream of owning her own business, and she transformed her plan to reality. In 2006, when she founded Klara’s Gourmet Cookies – and it was her dream come true. Klara hails from Chrast, a village of 5,000, two hours southeast of the historic Czech capital city, Prague. Under the former Czechoslovak communist regime, Klara and her family did not have easy access to mass-produced baked goods, so special treats were made at home from scratch. Klara’s rich baking traditions were passed down from her great-grandmother and grandmother, through the generations, and it is that tradition she now shares with you. Klara and her husband, now operate their artisan cookie business in the small bustling town of Lee, Mass., where they live with their young daughter. With a small and efficient staff, they hand bake thousands of cookies each week, for retail and wholesale customers around the country, using natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients wherever possible. Klara and her family hope you will enjoy your first taste of her family’s Eastern European heirloom of sweet traditions.

Rao’s Coffee

In 1990, Rao’s Coffee Roasting Company began micro-roasting the finest coffees in the world right inside our flagship cafe in Amherst Massachusetts. The quality and flavor of our coffee is the result of years of passion, experimentation, and dedication. We are certain you will taste the substantial differences in freshness, quality, and flavor- our mission is to source the highest quality fairly-traded green coffee beans available from around the world. We roast them to order in small hand-crafted batches with precision and care. We specialize in revealing the prized flavor profiles of single origin coffees grown at high altitudes, (3,500 ft – 6,000 ft, temperature 60-75 degrees F) in shade grown regions of South and Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. Each region offers its own distinctive flavor profile described in more detail in our bean guide.

No. Six Depot

We travel twice a year to coffee growing countries to source new coffees, to meet the growers and see where and how our coffee is grown. Our family has been to many countries in Central and South America, in Africa, in Asia and even Hawaii–essentially, anywhere coffee is grown. We bring these experiences back home in our continuing effort to roast and prepare better coffee, to inform our customers, and to help provide better lives for growers.

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